Online Learning



Online Learning

Abacus prides itself in being one of the first companies to deliver online learning worldwide through the FirstClass® powered Abacus Virtual College.

Our online training and development closely replicates what takes place in a traditional classroom. It features many of the benefits whilst minimising the disadvantages. Most types of computer and Internet based training involve ‘interaction’ with a computer programme. Our training is tutor supported throughout and involves students interacting and working collaboratively with our students.

Users of the Abacus Virtual College benefit from

  • collaboration and interaction with college users through FirstClass® software
  • tutor support
  • peer group support
  • ability to combine their learning with their daily work
  • Help Desk for technical queries
  • choice of when to use college and for how long
  • communication with College users from other courses or organisations
  • chance to improve their computer literacy and confidence
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